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The first obvious signs of the aging process typically come out round the eyes, then in the neck and lower face. Modifications in the neck triggered by aging vary among patients. The dimensions and shape of the mandible, the number and distribution of fat,, and also the thickness and anatomic changes of fibers of the platysma muscle change as a result of aging. This is where Neck Lift Delray Beach comes in to help.

To achieve the simplest possible aesthetic results with surgical intervention, an intensive examination of these factors must be done. Skin undermining and traction betters the looks of the neck. The restoration of the facial anatomy is of paramount consideration for an excellent consequence. There are times that an operation in addition to skin undermining, like removal of excess fat or treatment of the platysma muscle, is critical to better the looks of the neck.

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As one starts to age, you will begin to note excessive wrinkling and sagging skin within the neck. This might get to the purpose that you just experience a chin or “turkey neck.” A Neck Lift Delray Beach from Anti Aging Center of Boca, also referred to as a lower rhytidectomy, can address these signs of aging. By removing the excess skin and tissue and tightening the sagged muscle of the neck, you'll have a perfect and toned neck.

A Neck Lift Delray Beach can cause you to look younger and fresher, and it should enhance your self-confidence within the process. But, a neck lift may offer varying results from other cosmetic procedures. Before you opt to own surgery, think it through and set your expectations and discuss them together with your surgeon. You can achieve this when you talk to our experts at Anti Aging Center of Boca.

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Neck Lift Delray Beach may not change the structure of your face, but it can create an understandable change within the tightness of the skin around your face and neck, aiding you gain back a number of the young contours that could have been lost with age. For more information about our services and options, you may reach out to our experts at Anti Aging Center of Boca.

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