Non-Surgical Facelift: The After Care?

In order to achieve the maximum results of non-surgical facelifts, you have to follow the correct aftercare. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and money in getting the procedure, and you will put your skin in danger as well.

After the procedure, your skin becomes very sensitive to heat and light or extreme temperatures. You will easily get sunburn and skin damage. With this, you have to avoid sun exposure as it could result to skin darkening or hyperpigmentation. Similarly, avoid hot baths. When showering, go for cooler water.

Hydrate. Make sure you drink plenty of water in order to supply your skin the water it needs to recover faster. However, avoid alcohol and coffee. They are diuretics and could lose you water rather than retain it. Collagen production is a lot faster when the body is always hydrated. Finally, avoid scratching or frequently touching the treated area. Expect some itchiness and discomfort following the treatment, but try hard enough to resist the urge.

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