Yoga – Meditation – Pilates

What Make Us Truly Unique?

All Classes are in a Fully Ozone-Oxygenated-Air Studio. We are an All Holistic Boutique Studio offering Signature Anti-Aging Mind-Body-Spirit Practices. Including our Meditation Room filled with Himalayan Sea Salt.

Signature Anti-Aging Yoga

During this class, you will connect with the internal rhythms of your breath (prana), unblock energetic pathways and encourage lymphatic drainage resulting in the vital flow of your life force. This unique yoga class incorporates various yoga traditions and specialized therapeutic sequences which decrease inflammation, nourish your overall well-being, and promote anti-aging at the cellular level.

Boutique studio offering individualized attention to all 12 students

  • Experienced Instructors
  • Newbies to Advanced Yogis all benefit!
  • Please bring your own mat. Blocks, Bands, and Bolsters provide. We provide complimentary mats for those traveling.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced yogi, you will enjoy and benefit from the blissfulness and relaxation of our signature Anti-Aging yoga practice.

Signature Anti-Aging Meditation

Meditation is a natural stress reduction program which will have profound effects on your overall health and well-being. The oldest reason to meditate is to find serenity, courage, wisdom, and faith in yourself. Studies have shown that the very act of meditation activates genes that slow cellular aging and control blood sugar levels while deactivating those responsible for chronic inflammation.

You will sit in zero gravity chairs, meditate in a “cave like” Himalayan Salt Room as we combine the anti-aging benefits meditation along with the healing power of medical grade salt to detoxify both mind and body. Class begins with a brief discussion on the basics of the meditation, flowing into various pranayama (breath-work), followed by a 20 minute meditation practice and restful awareness. PURE BLISSFULNESS!! You will sit comfortably, meditate comfortably and the rest will come naturally!


  • Classes are limited to 10
  • No prior experience necessary
  • Please arrive early. No late arrivals as door will be closed

Anti-Aging Pilates

Pilates is a form of low impact strength and flexibility training tat can be done by someone at any level of fitness. The Pilates technique strengthens the body from the inside out. It works on the deeper structural muscles such as the diaphragm, pelvis, buttocks, abdominal and lower back and works its way up the chest, upper back and shoulders.

It is a wonderful exercise program for people who want to develop physical and mental well being and develop a better understanding of their bodies. Pilates method is based on precision and controlled movements to avoid injury and most importantly produce results. We teach Pilates so tat precision of movement becomes second nature and carries over int everyday life as grace and means for longevity!

Buy a Yoga Mat

If you have registered for a Yoga or Pilates class with Anti-Aging Center of Boca and do not have a Yoga mat, buy one now.

You can purchase one here before class or once you arrive. We will provide you the mat once you show up to class. Just provide proof of your purchase.

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